Research and development | One step ahead

As an innovative company we like to keep one step ahead of our competitors. This has allowed us to become very self-confident when it concerns implementing new ideas, especially when it comes to our own patents and brand.

For example we have developed a self-consolidating concrete called “easyflow” that now sets internationally accepted standards for the future in the construction industry. Easyflow allows for high-quality surfaces even in the most architecturally demanding or complex monolithic geometries.
Another of our branded products is “andoc”, the nearly all-purpose tank concept. The andoc system allows for innovative possibilities in the planning stage – the system allows us to plan tanks that not only provide the most advantageous geometry but also provides excellent economy through particularly high useable volumes.

The above two examples show how we have been optimising our creative potential in research and development. This has been achieved through our co-operation with research institutes and universities over many years.